Happy birthday to micro:bit SLUG

Happy birthday to micro:bit SLUG

We are delighted to announce that micro:bit SLUG are celebrating their first anniversary!

Based in Sri Lanka, SLUG is a fast-growing group of volunteers from professional organisations and universities whose shared mission is to use the micro:bit as an educational tool to educate and to empower every child in the country.

In the last 12 months they’ve achieved some remarkable things: as well as recruiting more than 300 volunteers, and becoming the country’s official micro:bit community group, they’ve also…

  • Reached over 3000 students and trained more than 50 teachers
  • Held over 100 awareness sessions, as well as micro:bit Discovery Days in 25 districts
  • Distributed more than 200 micro:bits, cost-free
  • Created 'Start Your micro:bit Adventure', a series of YouTube tutorials
  • Produced a special video series on the micro:bit, in conjunction with Nenasa TV channel and the Ministry of Education
  • Published micro:bit Quick Start Guides in Sinhala and Tamil for distribution to over 100 teachers
  • Translated Microsoft MakeCode – as well as the micro:bit website! – to Sinhala and Tamil
  • Launched a trilingual support desk, offering free micro:bit support

That’s not bad going for just a year’s work! Congratulations to the team.

To find out more, visit microbitslug.org
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