Create a pedestrian crossing system

Create a scale model and working prototype for a pedestrian crossing system for a school

This is one of a series of resources to support the use of the BBC micro:bit in Design and Technology lessons.

Hundreds of people are killed in accidents on roads in the United Kingdom every year. When schools are situated close to roads there is particular danger to children crossing them. A good, well programmed pedestrian control system can minimise risk and enable people to cross the road safely.

In this unit of learning, learners will use the BBC micro:bit to develop a prototype for a pedestrian crossing for a local secondary school.

Renseignements sur les activités, notes à l'intention des enseignants et liens avec le programme d'études

In this activity, learners will integrate a BBC micro:bit based programmable system into a working product prototype.

La fiche d'activité comprend des notes à l'intention des enseignants, des liens Internet utiles et des liens (le cas échéant) vers le programme d'études national dans chacun des quatre pays concernés : Angleterre, Irlande du Nord, Écosse et Pays de Galles.


Pedestrian crossing

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  • Activity overview - Create a pedestrian crossing activity description, teachers' notes and curriculum links
  • Presentation - Creating a working prototype for a pedestrian crossing at your school
  • Handout - Product prototype - student handout showing an example program for a pedestrian crossing control.
  • Hex programming file - Example programming file using the MakeCode editor
  • Py programming file - Example programming file using the Python editor
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