Lancaster Uni researching micro:bit use in schools

Lancaster University
The BBC micro:bit

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation has commissioned Lancaster University’s Department of Educational Research to undertake independent research on ‘Using Micro:bit Devices in Teaching and Learning’. The study, which will be conducted this summer, seeks to explore the ways teachers, educators and students have been using the micro:bit to support teaching and learning in computing as well as in wider cross-curricular ways.

Lancaster University will be gathering evidence from a wide range of schools who have been using the BBC micro:bit since the BBC donated the device to schools in 2016. Participation will be voluntary and will involve completing a short, 30-minute, online questionnaire.

The research is being headed by Professor Don Passey, Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning at Lancaster and Founding co-Director and previous Director of its Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning. He said: “We are looking to find out how the devices are being used, and what sorts of experiences are arising so far.” Gareth Stockdale, the Foundation CEO, said: “the outcomes of this research will help us better understand current practices being developed in schools, and will inform future micro:bit development and support.”

If you are a teacher or educator, have been using the BBC micro:bit with your students in your school, club or library and would like to take part in this exciting research, please contact Professor Don Passey. If you’d also like to receive regular news and updates and results of the research from the Foundation please sign up here, you can also follow us on Twitter @microbit_edu.

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