micro:bit hits Brazil!

Students, teachers, educational experts - and micro:bits! - took a starring role in last month's Hackathon Challenge, 'Education 4.0: Transforming the Learning Experience Through Technology', held in the city of Manaus, in the Amazonian Rainforest of Brazil.

Organised by Positivo Tecnologia and the CERTI Institute, the hackathon took its lead from the world of work, where 'industry 4.0' has seen tasks become increasingly automated and 'smart', thanks to developments such as the internet of things. This modern-day 'industrial revolution' has had an impact on a wide range of sectors - including education - so why not use technology to transform the learning process too?

The three-day event saw fifteen teams, each composed of three digital innovators, presented with a micro:bit and challenged with this small and simple task!

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