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do your :bitは子どもたちや10代の若者たち向けの新しい世界的なmicro:bitチャレンジです。 あなたの想像力を試して、創造性と技術を合わせてグローバル目標の解決策を生み出してください。


6 winners, teams or individuals, from regions across the world will win a trip to London, UK, to take part in an exciting do your :bit event and receive a selection of micro:bit goodies from our Community Partners.

There will also be micro:bit prizes for regional, individual, or team runners-up.


Young people aged 8 – 14 anywhere in the world can enter the challenge. You can enter on your own or as part of a team. Teams can contain up to 3 members.

You can read the full challenge Terms & Conditions here.


Using technology we want you to design and make a solution to a problem that affects you and your community or another community somewhere in the world.

それは、あなたの学校で使用されるプラスチックの量を減らすデバイスかもしれません。 Or a solution that encourages people to look after the trees in their community. We've created resources to inspire you based on Goals 14 and 15 but you can work towards any of the Goals.

それがどんな問題であれ、その解決にあなたがどのように取り組むのか聞くことに私たちは興味があります。 想像力を使いできるだけ創造的になってください!

To enter the challenge, you will need:

  • a written entry describing what your solution is for. Which Goal have you focused on? What have you created? Why have you created it? Who is it for and how will it help your community or another community? (no more than 500 words)
  • 紙のプロトタイプ、アイデアがどのように動作するか示したもの。 計画を写真に撮ったものになります。 Perhaps draw your solution with notes on how it will work
  • あるいは.hexファイル、プロトタイプコードのファイル
  • you can also include a video or photos of your project in action if you want to

You can code your device using the MakeCode block and text-based editor or the Python text-based editor.

If you don’t have a micro:bit you can still enter the challenge. Test your ideas using the MakeCode editor simulator and send us your paper protoype.

The full challenge Terms & Conditions are here.

Good luck!


15 9月

do your :bit is open!

28 2月

Challenge closes

9 3月

Judging begins

23 3月

Winners notified