micro:bit mini Summit at PyCon UK

This year for the first time, we’re having a micro:bit mini Summit as part of PyCon UK. PyCon UK has always had a special place in micro:bit history; it's where those who created MicroPython for the micro:bit first met, where many of the MicroPython APIs were designed with the collaboration of the community, and there are even rumours that it’s the place where several early micro:bits were smuggled out to the wider Python community so that people could hack on MicroPython…

The mini summit will happen alongside the main conference, and is a chance for the UK micro:bit community to get together, share the things we’ve made, are proud of, frustrated by, and plan how to make micro:bit and MicroPython even better for the year to come. This means we’ll include talks, tutorials, and perhaps most importantly space to demonstrate the projects you’ve made!

In the spirit of collaboration, there’s still a lot to pin down, but we can be sure it’ll be a day of inspiring educational fun!

We’ve got a provisional talk schedule planned (subject to change, especially if you send us suggestions about what you’d like to see there)

  • State of the Union: Where are we, where are we going, and why we'd love you to help
  • Community talk 1: Running a workshop with micro:bit and MicroPython - the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Community talk 2: tales from the frontline of school IT
  • How (not) to build a BBC micro:bit: engineering lessons from delivering 1M micro:bits to UK schools
  • Accessories, modules and micro:bit, best practice: (avoiding copy/paste) (recommended session for resellers and hardware designers)
  • Community Discussion - the first 90% and the second 90% - how to balance community projects with hard stability requirements, deadlines and less technical users?

All afternoon we’ll be running a show and tell session where we’re inviting everyone to come along, try the micro:bit and see what other people have built. If you’ve made an accessory, a creation or something with micro:bit then please come and share it. We’ll have a section of the Show and Tell dedicated to micro:bit and Raspberry Pi projects, so get your USB cables out and start playing!

If you’re new to the micro:bit world, this will also be a chance to come and try micro:bit for the first time under the guidance of a community of Python experts.

We’d love you to come and join us. As we’re part of PyCon UK, you should register for the Sunday of the conference, and tickets include attendance, refreshments and lunch.


If you’re coming, or want to see what’s happening you can join the #pyconuk channel in the microbit-community slack channel

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