Cheer on your team with a micro:bit mascot

Programming a mascot on your micro:bit

micro:bit mascot

It's always great when you have friends cheering you on when you're on the pitch. Now with the BBC micro:bit they can root for you in style. In Jamie Johnson, Jamie dreams of playing for Hawkstone United but until then he's representing Kingfield School's team. Kingfield's mascot is a knight chess piece, so let's design a matching logo on the BBC micro:bit!

Let's code!

We're going to make our logo in the MakeCode Editor. Go to Let's Code, and choose the MakeCode Editor. Open a new project and in the workspace window choose show leds from the Basic blocks menu. A 5x5 grid of LEDs will appear in the workspace, drag this under our forever block. Click on an LED to turn it on or off. When you're happy, flash the program to your micro:bit.

This is how we designed the chess piece mascot for the micro:bit, but feel free to experiment!

Take it further by adding a pause block from basic and showing another image or by creating a big image from the Image blocks menu and scrolling it.

Follow Jamie Johnson's journey on CBBC.Jamie Johnson is a BBC copyrighted TV show to which the Foundation don't own any rights.

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