The micro:bit Small-board Computer Launches in U.S. & Canada


The micro:bit Small-board Computer Launches in U.S. & Canada to Inspire Next Generation of Students

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation aims to put the device into the hands of 2 million children in the U.S. & Canada by 2020


The Micro:bit Educational Foundation announced today the micro:bit is now available to schools, clubs and families across the U.S. and Canada. Micro:bit是一块信用卡大小的可编程器件,它的设计旨在通过计算机编程教下一代儿童获得基本批判思维能力。

The goal of the micro:bit is to give educators and parents an easy-to-use tool to teach the basics of computer programming and inspire students to imagine, invent and innovate, said Hal Speed, Head of North America at the Micro:bit Educational Foundation. 我们的目标是在2020年把micro:bit发放到美国和加拿大200万名中小学生手中,努力确保孩子们都有机会学习这些宝贵的技能。 在数字时代, 计算机科学是每个学生必须学习的基础技能。 这是一种技能,应用于不同的科目,包括数学、科学、艺术和音乐。

A recent study conducted by Gallup found that while 90 percent of parents in the U.S. want their child to learn computer science, only 40 percent of schools offer computer programming or coding classes. 此外,STEM领域的多样性问题在小学里开始出现。 女孩,有色人种学生和低收入学生都不太可能有机会在k-12的学校里学习计算机编程。


The Micro:bit Educational Foundation hopes to address these disparities by integrating the micro:bit device into elementary and middle school curricula throughout the U.S. and Canada. As part of this effort, the Micro:bit Educational Foundation has partnered with a number of organizations that specialize in the development of curricula including, Project Lead The Way in the U.S. and Fair Chance Learning in Canada. Microsoft has also developed its own curriculum for the micro:bit and a wide-range of lesson plans are available on the micro:bit website.




Micro:bit包括了25颗用于显示简单的图像和文字的LED灯,2个可编程按钮,各种传感器,并且可以通过蓝牙连接到其他设备上。 此外, 设备边缘的引脚可以轻松扩展到其他硬件模块, 并拓宽学生的创造性选项。

Micro:bit可以使用流行的基于积木块的编程语言Scratch来编程。 The micro:bit Scratch extension is available at Students can also program the device using Microsoft MakeCode, which allows them to switch back and forth between block-based and text-based coding.

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation aims to put the device in the hands of 2 million children across the U.S. and Canada by 2020 and hopes to eventually reach more than 100 million kids around the world. Micro:bit的起价是14.94美元,授权经销商包括 Adafruit、CanaKit、Fair Chance Learning、Fry’s、MCM Electronics、Micro Center、SparkFun 、以及其他。 For more information about the micro:bit or to find the nearest reseller, visit the Foundation resellers list.


For those attending, the micro:bit will be on display at ISTE 2017 in booth 3241.

About the Micro:bit Educational Foundation

The Micro:bit Educational Foundation is enabling children around the world to get creative with technology and invent in school, in clubs and at home. 在2016年英国每个7年级的学生会获得一块micro:bit。现在世界各地都开始在使用micro:bit。 Started by the BBC and a great team of partners, the Micro:bit Educational Foundation is an international nonprofit organization.

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