Jamie's Keepy Uppy Counter

Make a keepy uppy counter with your micro:bit

micro:bit mascot

Do your friends doubt your monster keepy uppy skills? Strap on the Keepy Uppy Counter and prove you've got what it takes.

How to set up and play

  • In addition to your football (obviously), you'll need a battery pack, a football sock or shin pad and some elastic bands or Velcro.
  • Download this script, flash it to your micro:bit and strap it and the battery packs to your leg, over the sock or shin pad.
  • Power the micro:bit on and when you see the clock animation, press the B button to start the countdown.
  • Get ready... go! Bounce your football on your foot or leg as many times as you can without dropping it (it's not going to detect any headers!).
  • If you drop the ball, tilt the micro:bit downwards and your score will scroll across the screen. You'll get bonus points for doing tricks, so get stylish to reach that high score!
  • Press the reset button on the back of the micro:bit to start the game over. Challenge your friends!

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