Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy of the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, it defines how we deal with your information when you visit this web site. We value the privacy of all our users, and it is our policy not to collect information about you.

No cookies or analytics

This is a completely static web site. It does not make use of cookies, third party analytics, or make requests to any third party web site without you explicitly clicking a link.

Server logs

We make use of internal server logs only for the purpose of web page diagnostics, and anonymous reports on general web site usage (popularity of pages and per country access). Server logs are purged monthly from our system.

Third party web sites

Third party web sites, or web sites operated by a third party on our behalf, may collect information about you for the purpose of providing you the service. These can include:

  • The editor, provided by Microsoft
  • The support site, provided by Freshdesk
  • Content and editors hosted at, provided by the BBC
  • Content provided by third parties, which we may link to