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First steps

Radio and pins

Take your micro:bit programming to the next level using radio and pins

Your micro:bit can communicate wirelessly with other micro:bits using radio. These projects and videos will get you started using radio to send messages and make multi-player games. You’ll also learn how you can use your micro:bit's pin connections to make sound and create your very own micro:bit guitar.

Each set of projects is designed to progressively build your understanding and confidence. In set 1 you will learn about radio, in set 2 you’ll work with the pins to add simple touch-sensitive switches and connect headphones:

Set 1: Radio messages

In this sequence of projects, you’ll learn how to use the micro:bit's radio feature to share kindness, play a game with a friend and share secrets:

Set 2: Pins, touch sensors and sounds

Make your own micro:bit guitar with the clips, headphones and cardboard. This sequence of projects will take you step-by-step through creating and programming a micro:bit guitar. If you have the new micro:bit with built-in speaker, you don't even need to connect headphones.