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Revisit micro:bit LIVE

06 Jan 2021

Our second micro:bit LIVE event ran at the start of December. In our first virtual event, dozens of educators and inspirational speakers from around the world gave keynotes, lightning talks and ran longer sessions.

micro:bit LIVE logo

Over two days 750 attendees from all over the world watched 43 speakers from 16 countries, aided by 11 moderators from Fair Chance Learning and the 12 committee members who brought this event together.

Even if you were able to attend the event, there was so much going on it was impossible to watch everything, so we've made many of the sessions available to watch on our YouTube channel.

Here are two talks to give you a taster:

  • A lightning talk from US teacher Yolanda Payne about making micro:bit and micro:bit classroom integral in teaching and professional development.
  • A longer presentation where Peli and Jacqueline from Microsoft share their top 10 MakeCode tips and tricks.

Connections in the classroom

Top 10 MakeCode tips

Other talks included:

  • Making micro:bit interactive pets that respond to sound
  • Remote learning with micro:bit
  • Introductions to Python and MakeCode

You can easily access these sessions and more on our YouTube channel, just follow the link below:

Watch the micro:bit LIVE playlist

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