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micro:bit at home - saving sea turtles

30 May 2020

You might know that sea turtles are an endangered species, but did you know that sea turtle hatchlings use moonlight to navigate their way to the sea after they’re born and some beach lighting can stop them being able to do this?

This is where your micro:bit can help. Create a prototype (a working model) of a low-power, red LED beach light that can be used for lighting on beach paths which is also safe for sea turtles. The program uses the built-in light sensor input to detect if it’s dusk and then turn on the LED display output to show a turtle for fun and to remind people to look out for the hatchlings.

What you'll make

Get coding

Now open the MakeCode editor where you’ll write the code for your program:

How to transfer your program to your micro:bit

Discover more

This sea turtle project uses the micro:bit's light sensor inputs and the LED display output. Find out more about them in the videos below:

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