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Festive decoration

مبتدئ | MakeCode | الصوت, شاشة LED, مستشعر الضوء | أجهزة الاستشعار, التكرار

الخطوة 1: اصنعها

ماذا يعني؟

Turn your micro:bit into a festive decoration that shows a flashing star on the LED display as soon as it gets dark.

هذان الفيديوهان يعرضان لك ما ستصنعه وكيفية برمجته:

كيف يعمل ؟

  • The program uses the micro:bit’s light sensor to measure the light levels.
  • It then uses an “if then else” logic block.
  • If the light levels are less than 100, the micro:bit is instructed to show two icons – a large star then a small star with pauses in between – in a forever loop on the LED display. This creates the animation.
  • A forever loop in a computer program is an instruction that repeats forever.
  • If the light levels are more than 100, the micro:bit is told to clear the screen.

ما تحتاجه

  • المايكروبيت (micro:bit) (أو محاكي MakeCode)
  • محرر MakeCode
  • battery pack (optional but recommended)
  • our set-up guide may be useful

الخطوة 2: برمجها

1# Imports go at the top
2from microbit import *
4while True:
5    if display.read_light_level() < 100:
7                           '09990:'
8                           '99999:'
9                           '09990:'
10                           '90909'))
11        sleep(500)
13                       '09090:'
14                       '00900:'
15                       '09090:'
16                       '00000'))
17        sleep(500)
18    else: display.clear()
19    sleep(500)

الخطوة 3: حسّنها

  • Adjust the threshold at which the animation plays to better suit your room.
  • Instruct your micro:bit to play a festive sound on pressing button A.
  • Make other festive projects such as a jukebox which plays festive tunes, or an alarm which comes on when Father Christmas arrives on Christmas Eve!