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User guide: ‘meet the micro:bit’ program

User guide

‘Meet the micro:bit’ program

Restore the program loaded onto new micro:bits

The new micro:bit packaging

When you first unbox and plug in a new micro:bit, it runs a special program that demonstrates some of its features in a playful way.

  • micro:bits manufactured after June 2023 will run the ‘meet the micro:bit’ program
  • micro:bits manufactured before June 2023 will run a slightly different program (previously referred to as the ‘Out of box experience’).

To put the ‘meet the micro:bit’ program on your device:

Download the ‘meet the micro:bit’ .hex file

Explore the ‘meet the micro:bit’ program

Do you have a V2 or V1 micro:bit?

V2 micro:bit

Bottom edge is bumpy

V1 micro:bit

Bottom edge is flat

For information on how to play with the ‘meet the micro:bit’ program visit:

If you would like to explore the code in this program:

Previous version of ‘meet the micro:bit’

If you would like to put the previous version of the ‘meet the micro:bit’ program (previously called the out of box experience) on your device, transfer this program to your device:

Download the out of box .hex file

For information on how to play with the previous version of ‘meet the micro:bit’ program visit:

These versions also include a secret snake game. When you see the heart animation, press the A and B buttons together to give it a try.