Geef vorm aan je fantasie door te programmeren

happy micro:bit

Wist je dat je jouw BBC micro:bit kunt programmeren met Blocks, Javascript en Python?

If you have never used a BBC micro:bit try our Quick Start Guide.


MakeCode Editor

The MakeCode editor provided by Microsoft makes it easy to program your micro:bit with blocks and JavaScript.

We have recently updated the editor, and the previous version is still available for anyone that needs it. If you have any issues accessing the editor, check that it isn't blocked in your school.


Python editor

Onze Python editor is perfect voor degenen die meer willen dan in blokken programmeren. Er is een reeks van voorbeelden van code en muziek gemaakt om je op weg te helpen. Gesteund door de Python-gebruikers.


Met behulp van de mobiele apps kunt u code laden in de micro:bit met behulp van Bluetooth. Een kabeltje is niet meer nodig! Meer informatie over het gebruik Applicaties.

Program the micro:bit using the MakeCode editor on your Windows 10 device. In addition to the familiar features of the web editor, the app lets you program your micro:bit over USB (without needing to drag-and-drop the file onto the micro:bit drive) and directly read serial data from your micro:bit for data logging and other fun experiments!

Learn to code the micro:bit in Swift with our interactive 'book' for iPad. Discover the fundamentals of code while having fun with your micro:bit!

The legacy editors were retired on 31st December 2018, read more hier downloaden.

If you'd like to try out the latest editor features, please sign up to our beta programme.

You can check out editors from around the web, including Scratch and Kodu

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