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初学者 | MakeCode, Python | LED显示器, 加速计 | 选择, 随机化

第 1 步:制作







  • 石头、剪刀、布是一个适合两人玩的经典游戏。 You and a partner shake your fists 3 times and then make gestures at random to show a rock, paper or scissors. Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper and paper beats rock (it wraps the rock!).
  • When the micro:bit accelerometer detects a shake movement, it sets the variable tool to a random number: 0, 1 or 2.
  • We use 0 because computers start counting at 0, and it’s good to remember that 0 is a number!
  • The program uses selection to decide what image to show on the LED display. If the random number was 0, it shows a rock icon, if it was 1 it shows the icon representing paper. If it wasn’t 0 or 1, it must be 2 because we instructed the micro:bit to only pick random numbers between 0 and 2, so in that case it shows scissors.


  • 两个micro:bit(或者MakeCode模拟器)
  • MakeCode 或者 Python 编辑器
  • 电池盒(选配)
  • a partner to play with

第 2 步:编程


  • Draw your own icons for rock, paper, scissors.
  • Think of other tools that could replace rock, paper and scissors or invent new rules.
  • Use the micro:bit radio function to make a game that knows if you won or lost by communicating with your friend’s micro:bit.