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First steps

LEDs and buttons

Start learning about inputs and outputs with your BBC micro:bit's LEDs and buttons

These sets of projects and videos will show you how to program the LEDs and introduce you to some of the micro:bit’s other features.

Each set of projects is designed to build your understanding and confidence progressively, so you can work through them all or simply choose one to get started!

Set 1: Icons and animals

By following this sequence of projects, you’ll learn how to create different images on the micro:bit LEDs by sequencing instructions and using the buttons. You’ll then bring your creations to life using animation and loops.

Light up your micro:bit with love by showing a heart

Make your micro:bit’s heart beat using loops

Set 2: Emotions badge

Follow this sequence of projects to create an emotion badge using the LEDs, buttons and accelerometer to let others know how you are feeling. First, you’ll program your micro:bit to show happy and sad faces before making them flash and then showing more emotions when your micro:bit is shaken.

Use your micro:bit to express how you’re feeling

Shake your micro:bit to make a silly face appear

Set 3: Sunshine

In this sequence of projects, you’ll create simple sun icons using the LEDs on your micro:bit, creating sequences to make the sun ‘beam’ and then program your very own sunlight sensing device.